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This page is under construction – watch out for regular updates!

Can cis (non-trans/intersex/non-binary) people come to Transcend?
Transcend Festival is by and for trans, non-binary and intersex (TNBI) people to come together and carve out a healing space for ourselves. Cis people are welcome to buy a ticket in cases where their presence/support is vital to a TNBI person who wants to attend, but we ask you to be conscious of the space that you’re in and the space you take up.
Cis allies are also welcome to apply to volunteer or provide a service at the event, although TNBI people will get priority if we get lots of applicants.

Can under-18’s come to Transcend?
Yes, absolutely! Under-18’s are welcome to come to Transcend, but they must be accompanied by an over-18 who agrees to take responsibility for them for the weekend. (We’ve previously said that 16 and 17 year olds can come unaccompanied, but we’ve revised that decision).

Under-5’s will go free, and cheaper tickets will be available for accompanied young people over the age of 5. There will be a kids’ programme, baby changing spaces, a kids’ space, and youth meet-ups. Activities will be suitable both for children who are trans/non-binary/intersex and those who are not. We aim to create a breast-feeding-friendly event. Please get in touch if you have questions about bringing a child to Transcend.

Am I too old?
No – no old is too old. We’re aiming to put on a variety of activities and cater to a variety of needs. We know there’s strength, value and wisdom in every corner of our community, and creating safer spaces for everyone means combating ageism. We hope to offer the opportunity for people with shared experiences to come together for meet-ups throughout the weekend, and this can include older trans/non-binary/intersex people if it’s wanted.

I’m white and I have dreadlocks, can I come?
No, Transcend Festival does not welcome cultural appropriation. Cultural appropriation is a manifestation of white supremacy and can create an unsafe space for people of colour. We aim to create a space where cultural appropriation can and will be challenged, and where that work will not fall on people of colour. We understand that issues around cultural appropriation can be nuanced and complicated, and aim to move forward in ways that center voices and ideas of those who experience racism first-hand. We aim to remind white people throughout the event to remain conscious of their privilege and how much space they take up. See Transcend Ethos on the About Us page for more information and links to articles.

Where is Transcend Festival located?
The festival is at an events venue in the countryside South of Bristol. The venue is an hour drive from Bristol, and accessible by public transport. Details of the exact location will be given to attendees after buying a ticket, to reduce security risks. If you need to know more details before committing to buying a ticket, please get in touch.

How much will things cost at the festival?
Vegan food for breakfast, lunch and dinner (from Friday dinner until Sunday lunch) is included in the cost of your ticket.

Soft drinks and snacks will be available all day for donation. Drinks can be bought at the bar at certain times (drink prices not yet decided) and we expect to have some merch for sale on wide sliding-scale prices, but everything else on offer at the event will be absolutely free, including services (eg haircuts, makeup, nails, massage, etc).

What will I need to bring?
Transcend Festival is an outdoor, residential camping event. If you’re camping, you will need to bring a tent, sleeping bag, roll mat, pillow and torch, and prepare for possibly changeable weather. Bring everything you need to be comfortable for a weekend outside, and don’t forget your meds! You may want to bring swim-wear and a towel for a dip in the pond or the sauna (though nudity is also welcome!)

Will there be security?
Yes, there will be 1 to 2 licensed security guards on shift throughout each night. The decision to employ security at the event was a difficult one to make, because we’re aware that the presence of security, like police, often make spaces unsafe for trans people and people of other marginalised identities (and even more so for those of us with intersecting identities). We’ve decided to hire trained security guards (who are themselves trans/non-binary/intersex or allies) so that we can be more confident that our event is safe from transphobes who wish to do members of our community harm. The idea of relying on untrained members of our own communities to physically protect the space was thoroughly discussed during our decision-making on event security.
Any security guard working at the event will be thoroughly vetted by organisers and will remain clearly identifiable throughout the event. Our own procedures around harm caused within our community at the event will not rely on security unless as a last resort.

Will I be outed if I come?
We’re aware that not every trans/non-binary/intersex person interested in attending Transcend is out to everyone in their life. We aim to take any steps we can to protect the identities of those of us who aren’t out. This will include making sure official photographers get consent to publish any photos where individuals are recognizable, but it’s important to understand that Transcend Festival is a public event, and therefore we can’t take responsibility for the actions of attendees. If you have any ideas on this, you can contact us anonymously (details on our Contact Us page).

I’m worried about my anxiety
Lots of the Transcend Festival organisers have anxiety, and we’re putting a lot of effort into trying to be conscious of anxious people who might want to attend as we make decisions about the festival. We aim to remind people throughout the festival to try to remain conscious of other people’s needs and boundaries. We will try to ensure that participation in activity at the festival is explicitly optional, including things like speaking (or acting in any specific way) whilst in workshops. There will be a welfare space (see Access Info page), stim toys, colouring, and support for those who need it. If you’re anxious about something specific, feel free to get in touch to talk about it.

What about alcohol and drugs?

Why ‘trans, non-binary and/or intersex’?

What hygiene facilities will there be?

Am I trans enough? Non-binary enough? Intersex enough?

Can i practice my religion at Transcend?