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For ticket questions, email us at
If you need a refund, phone Brown Paper Tickets on 0800 411 8881 or email



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Tickets go live!

Here’s what to expect:

Ticket typeReserved forCost (£)Number available
Weekend adultTrans/non-binary/intersex BPoC55-20040
Weekend adultTrans/non-binary/intersex Disabled people55-20040
Weekend adultTrans/non-binary/intersex Working class people55-20040
Weekend adult95-29540
Saturday only25-6030
Weekend 6-17yrs35-8025
Free weekend adultTrans/non-binary/intersex BPoC (email to reserve)FREE
Free weekend 6-17yrsTrans/non-binary/intersex BPoC (email to reserve)FREE5
ticket types, prices and numbers available

Who Can Buy a Ticket
Transcend Festival is by and for trans, non-binary and intersex (TNBI) people to come together and carve out a healing space for ourselves. Cis people are welcome to buy a ticket in cases where their presence/support is vital to a TNBI person who wants to attend, but we ask you to be conscious of the space that you’re in and the space you take up.

We’ve reserved 3/4 of adult weekend tickets for TNBI people who are also people of colour, disabled, and/or from working class backgrounds. The remaining 1/4 of adult weekend tickets are available to anyone, including both TNBI people and cis people.
We believe in self-identification and won’t ask anyone to prove their identity – you’re free to decide for yourself which ticket type to buy.

Ticket Prices
Tickets are sold on a sliding scale – please give what you can afford.
Guide price: £175 (this is the rough cost of the event divided by the number of ticketed attendees)

Food and Services
Ticket prices include meals for the weekend. All food provided will be vegan, with gluten free and nut free options available. If you have any additional dietary requirements or would prefer to provide your own food for the weekend, please get in touch by email at
Any services provided at the festival (e.g. make-up, hair cuts, massage, sauna, nails, face paint etc) will be available for free.

Please have a look at our Ethos on our About Us tab. By buying a ticket, you’re confirming that you have read and understand our ethos, which will inform our festival policy.

Under-18s are welcome to come along, but will have to be accompanied by an over-18 who agrees to take responsibility for them at the event.
We advise that each adult is responsible for no more than 3 or 4 under-18s.
We will have a specific youth/children’s programme.
Under-6s come free, but we suggest adding a £10 donation onto your ticket to help cover the cost of their food for the weekend.

Free Tickets
We have a limited number of free tickets available for TNBI people of colour who couldn’t otherwise afford to come to the event. Free tickets will include food, and we have a budget for travel expenses for free ticket holders who need it. Free tickets will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis and we won’t ask you to prove your need. Email us at on or after the 28th February to reserve a free ticket.

The festival is located an hour south of Bristol.
The exact venue will be revealed to you on the screen after buying your ticket and in an email after buying your ticket (along with some other information) – for security reasons, we want to limit the number of non-ticket holders who know the venue.

See Access Info for detailed access information, where you can also find our form for booking access facilities.